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Applications Development

Outsourcing applications development can assist you in getting a comprehensive standalone application development environment for complete SDLC at much affordable prices. Large numbers of businesses now plunge into applications development outsourcing functions to survive the ever increasing competition. The reason for outsourcing however is much more than just cost-effectiveness, its also high quality job.

At Fedele the process of application development is well defined. Moreover we facilitate easy customization as well as extension of business intelligence environment of an organization.

Our services are not only limited to installation of application to your systems, in addition to this we also ensure that the applications are been successfully used.

Our Service of Application Development includes:

Application Enhancements - We take into account the business value of application enhancements and add or modify functionality that bring high-value returns to the business.

Custom Application Development - Applications are customized to meet the specific requirements of the different business processes. We offer customized support for ensuring that your project remains on its proposed course within your budget.

Re-Engineering of Existing Application - It involves reworking on an existing program in order to remove the non-standard and hard to maintain code without making major changes in the existing functionality.

Migration of Legacy Application to Modern Technology Platforms - Take full advantage of the latest technology by transforming the Legacy Application to Modern Technology Platforms. We help you to the latest programming architecture and help you to get maximum benefits from the latest technology.

Web-enabling Legacy Applications - The performance and efficiency of your business largely depend on the web-enabled interactivity of your business.

Our professionals are expertise in the Technology Focus Areas .i.e. in the Application Development on all the widely used.

Some of the key benefits of our Application Development service include:

  • Reduced defects.
  • Shorter turnaround time.
  • Matured processes and methodologies.
  • Leverage of existing best practices and artifact templates.
  • Advantage of a flexible global delivery model for application development.
  • Quick team ramp-up and ramp-down based on project needs.

Application Maintenance Services

Our services are not just limited to application development we also have well-defined and mature application maintenance process for effectively capturing and reporting resolution of maintenance requests. The work responsibilities are divided between the various organizations depending on the request of the client.

Our Application Maintenance Services include:

  • Application Support.
  • Technical Helpdesk Support.
  • Fault analysis.
  • Design update.
  • Upgrades and Patches.
  • Code review.
  • Service Level Agreements based support services.
  • 24x7 Support & Maintenance of application systems.
  • Maintenance of Documentation.
  • Maintainability Analysis.