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Maintenance & Support

Fedele offers world-class and timely software maintenance and support service packages, whether you have a Mission Critical application running on an HP AlphaServer in New York, an engineering package running on an IBM RS6000 in London, or your Email is running on a SUN server in Berlin. As business enterprises venture to integrate their business and IT strategies, our maintenance and support services can help them to achieve their business goals and objectives, by providing on-time support and value-added maintenance services.

We maintain and resolve the software systems and keep them functional to address new opportunities and business needs, once they become an essential part of a client's business. The timely and cost-effective maintenance services at Fedele include critical aspects of planning for post delivery operations, supportability and logistics determination. Fedele has expertise in the areas of database migration, version upgrade, language migration, functionality upgrades, re-engineering and porting.

The software maintenance and support services at Fedele can be broadly categorized as;


We employ corrective maintenance to remove errors and bugs, ranging from misspelled words in your software interface to incorrect algorithms in your product. Generally, we correct.

  • Design errors.
  • Coding errors.
  • Logic errors.


Adaptive software maintenance entails changes related to your application's operating environment. These modifications may consist of.

  • Incorporating new operating systems.
  • Hardware configuration changes.
  • Regulations & Localizations alterations.
  • Changes in data format.
  • Modification of supporting utilities.


We provide various perfective maintenance services that may include all changes & modifications, deletions & insertions or extensions & enhancements in the existing software to address the escalating needs of the clients. Perfective maintenance at Fedele Info can improve.

  • Maintainability.
  • Performance, and
  • Other attributes.

The software maintenance service at Fedele can minimize your software down-time, as our solutions maintain an average availability of 99.9%. This can translate to no more than 17.5 hours downtime per year for maintenance related procedures and issues. We assume complete responsibility for the maintenance and support of any software solution and provide reliable software infrastructure for the business of each of our customers.